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Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are a unique alternative to other countertop options. It is commonly used for trim and backsplashes, but firmer, hardier types are also used as countertop surfaces. A tiled countertop surface can come in several different types and feature a selection of unique designs. The look and feel you get from it is very unique and refreshing. Expect to pay about $1-$100 per square foot.

Tile is an enjoyed countertop option because it resists moisture and heat which makes it possible to place hot pots and pans on your counter and also survive water spills. However, you do have to pay special attention to the grout used with your tile countertops because the grout may stain over time. Also, tile doesn’t offer a flat smooth surface for rolling dough and cutting.

Grout is used for filling the spaces between each tile. It is recommended that you use an epoxy grout because it helps resist stains. Another way to reduce the chance of stains forming is to stay away from light colored grouts. Also, selecting a color that is close to the color of the tile you are using will create a more unified look. Lastly, the grout should always be sealed to prevent bacteria from making a nest in your tiles.

Types Of Tile Countertops

Tile comes in six main types which include ceramic, porcelain, quarry, glass, natural stone and mosaic. Designs features include raised, recessed or painted designs. Keep in mind, if you decide to use unglazed tiles then be sure to seal them for additional protection against bacteria, stains, and water. Glazed tiles are impervious to water.

  • Ceramic: Made from clay or a mixture of organic materials. Made in many shapes and sizes, it is glazed or unglazed (matte).
  • Porcelain: Tile that is made from dry-pressed porcelain clay. It is baked at a higher temperature than ceramic tile resulting in a tile that is dense, impervious, fine-grained, and smooth with sharply formed face. Also, their color also goes all the way through the tile, Instead of just covering the surface.
  • Quarry: Glazed or unglazed and made by an extrusion process from natural clay and shale. Typically you will find quarry tile in squares and often terra-cotta in color.
  • Glass: Not the most durable option for a tile countertop, but often used for backsplashes.
  • Natural Stone: Common stones include granite, marble, slate, travertine and limestone. The stones are cut into thin squares to look like tiles.
  • Mosaic Tile: The countertop consists of small ceramic tiles that measure 2-inches square or smaller. Made of hard porcelain or glass, glazed or unglazed and mounted on a backing for ease of installation. Often mosaic tiles are used to create designs.

When is comes to cleaning tile, the safest method is to consult your manufacturer's instructions. Each type of tile requires unique cleaning. In general, glazed ceramic can be cleaned with a damp cloth and non oil-based household cleaner. Avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia because it can discolor the grout.

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Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops
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Quartz Countertops
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